JLG 800AJ articulating boomift - Refurbished

JLG 800AJ articulating boomift  - Refurbished
  • Options:Gen Set, air to platform, welder kit, Glaziers kit
  • Specs:4X4
  • Condition:Refurbished
  • Quantity: In stock

JLG 800AJ articulating boomlift *REFURBISHED with the following:
Hand sanded and painted with PPG enamel, motor & pump tested - rebuilt or replaced,
rebuilt lower controls, hose and cables replaced, drive hubs resealed, new tri-entry basket, rebuilt upper control box, new tires. new decals.
Engine & Pump tested and replaced if needed.
New ANSI inspection
*Due to other orders we may have a lead time** **Please check with us**
Toll free: 1-844-248-0482 / +1-281-463-4200 - Se habla español

Brazo articulado JLG 800AJ

JLG 800AJ articulated boomlift - Refurbished
1000lbs restricted cap
80' platform, 86' working height
diesel, dual fuel

jlg_800aj_upper _control box

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JLG 800AJ articulating boomift - Refurbished
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