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Forklifts are as varied in name—they are also known as industrial trucks, reach trucks, and turret trucks, to name a few—as they are in capabilities. They come in numerous variations and load sizes, making them as essential component of warehouses and distribution companies.

It is essential that you are familiar with the materials that need handling before choosing the proper forklift.

Electric forklifts, designed for indoor use, are popular for their quiet operation and absence of fumes, while forklifts that run on liquid propane, which produce minimal fumes, are popular for indoor and outdoor use. Gas-powered forklifts are for outdoor use only and are a common staple of constructions sites.

Forklifts are also commonly classified by their length and width, or aisle type. The standard forklift most people are familiar with fall into the wide aisle category and are manufactured to work in aisles that are wider than 10 feet. Next in diminishing width come the narrow aisle forklifts, which are used to operate in aisles as narrow as 8 feet. These two types are followed by the very narrow aisle category, with forklifts that operate in aisles as narrow as 6 feet or even a bit less.

Most forklifts come with rear-wheel steering, which allows the vehicle to maneuver around tight corners. This feature is essential for tasks that require lifting, stacking, shelving and moving heavy loads in confined spaces. Moreover, most forklifts allow the operator to tilt the machine’s mast, which helps compensate for heavy loads that tend to position the forks forward. This cuts down on the risk of loads slipping off the forks.

Forklifts, even the smaller models, typically weigh more than cars and some trucks. That’s because a stable weight is essential to provide counterbalance and stability, compensating for heavy loads. Most commercial forklifts have a load capacity of between 1 and 4 tons. Larger machines, though, can maneuver loads of over 40 tons.

Terex 842 Hi Reach Forklift Terex 842 Hi Reach Forklift

8000-lb capacity, 42' reach, 4X4, crab steer.

Skytrak 6036 Telehandler Skytrak 6036 Telehandler

6000 lb capacity, 36' reach, 4X4, crrab steer.

Hyster 6000 lb Forklift Hyster 6000 lb Forklift

Straight mast forklifts. Fork positioner, new paint and decals.

Gradall 15000 K Forklift Gradall 15000 K Forklift

Foam filled tires, 25' reach.

Ingersol Rand 8000cap Forklift Ingersol Rand 8000cap Forklift

Diesel, side shift, 21' mast.

Cat Forklift Cat Forklift

8000 lb cap, 18'mast, Perkins diesel.

Gradall 534C, 534D6 Forklifts Gradall 534C, 534D6 Forklifts

New pins and bushings, 36' reach.